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Accept payments on your ecommerce shop for 1%

Roket enables bank-to-bank account payments for your ecommerce shop. End paying 3%+ in processing fees.

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Easy ecommerce integrations
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about us

Roket is the ecommerce bank-to-bank payments solution.

Integrate Roket into your ecommerce store for free and start saving money on fees and converting more sales.

Provide your customers the flexibility to pay through their bank, rather than credit card.
Save on fees
Merchants pay up to 3.5% in processing fees. We're changing that to put more revenue back into your business.
Shoppers abandon carts at a rate of 77%. One-click payment solutions can decrease cart abandonment by 28%.
90% of U.S. consumers are already using fintech products and bank-to-bank transfers. They are excited to adopt these solutions.
who we are built for

Roket is the ecommerce bank account to bank account payments solution

Ecommerce shops

A new payment solution with a low processing fee

If you own an ecommerce shop, you know how important it is to provide as many payment options as possible to your customers.
End expensive payment processing fees: When you use Roket, you pay only 1% in processing fees on each transaction.
Easy integration: Grab the app directly from your preferred ecommerce platform's marketplace and integrate quickly to start accepting bank payments.
Decrease cart abandonment: Faster checkout processes and alternative payment solutions can lower cart abandonment by 26%.
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online shoppers

Get payment option flexibility and speed of check-out

As an online shopper, you want different payment options that aren't always credit-based. We offer a new solution.
Pay with your bank: Pay with your debit or bank account directly and securely to buy with the cash you have while preventing fraud.
One click check-out: Once you log-in to Roket on one store, you're logged in to the network. You can pay with one click on any other store that uses Roket pay.
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MICROLENDERS & financing

Offer online shoppers financing when they need it most

Online shoppers rely on financing options such as credit and buy now, pay later (BNPL) services. With Roket, lenders can meet online shoppers at the point of checkout to offer financing support.
Meet customers at checkout: Find the online shoppers who need your services most by offering credit or financing at checkout.
Offer micro-loans: Offer financing with custom terms that enable customers to buy the furniture, clothing, groceries, or other items they need without worry.
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who we integrate with

We will integrate with top ecommerce platforms

We're making it easy for any online store owner to integrate with Roket. Start accepting bank-to-bank payments from your customers. Find us on your favourite marketplace.

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Roket integrates with Shopify ecommerce shops so merchants can have a seamless payments solution, similar to BNPL.


Roket integrates with WooCommerce ecommerce sites so merchants can have a seamless payments solution, similar to BNPL.


Roket integrates with Wix ecommerce sites so merchants can have a seamless payments solution, similar to BNPL.
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A payment solution with the best features

We built a payment solution that encourages higher checkout rates, higher average basket value, and offers lower processing fees for online store owners.
Our product
Accepts all major financial institutions in U.S. and Canada
Enables one-click payments for your customers
Same-day transactions for receiving payments from customers' banks
Reduce cart abandonment by limiting tedious checkout
Built-in, state-of-the-art fraud detection
Pay only 1% in processing fees on each transaction

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Keep more of your revenue with 1% bank-to-bank payments.
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